Give full scope to the talents

Talent Concept


"Give full scope to the talents and make common development"

Talents is the foundation of enterprise development and competition. The company regards talents as the company's first resource, regards talents as the fundamental prerequisite for enterprise development, regards respect for talents as the fundamental criteria for enterprise development, and regards promoting the common development of the enterprise and employees as the fundamental task of talent strategy.


I. Give full scope to the talents

 The company adheres to the people-oriented management idea of the enterprise, and insists on uniting people with broad development prospects and inspiring people with good career goals. Through the establishment of a scientific and effective talent mechanism, create positive a growth environment for talents, and provide each employee with a stage to fully display talents.

The company adheres to the employment principle of "focusing on skills more than education background, focusing competence more than title, focusing on abilities more than experience, and focusing on contributions more than qualification". By establishing a fair competition mechanism and a sound cultural atmosphere, we will fully mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of each employee.






II. Common Development and Shared Success

Without the efforts of employees, there will be no corporate success; without corporate success, there will be no employee success. The company encourages employees to combine their own development with the company's long-term planning, and provides employees with multiple growth paths and development modes. The company makes great efforts to create good growth conditions for each employee, and provides each employee with broad development space, so that employees can bring all potentialities into full play and realize the common development of employees and the enterprise.

 The company adheres to the concept of relying on employees, developing for employees, and sharing development achievements with employees, focuses on the interests for both companies and employees, and advocates solidarity and cooperation between enterprises and employees, to jointly create and share values in the work, so as to realize a win-win situation of common development between the enterprise and employees, with shared success.