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Think of the new change, temper forward

  • Time of issue:2020-05-09 15:52

(Summary description)On January 19, Guangbo Group 2018 economic work conference was held in the Qianhu Hotel of Dongqian Lake. Over 190 people such as all middle management cadres of the group company, advanced workers, r

Think of the new change, temper forward

(Summary description)On January 19, Guangbo Group 2018 economic work conference was held in the Qianhu Hotel of Dongqian Lake. Over 190 people such as all middle management cadres of the group company, advanced workers, r

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  • 2020-05-09 15:52
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  • Time of issue:2020-05-09 15:52
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  On January 19, Guangbo Group 2018 economic work conference was held in the Qianhu Hotel of Dongqian Lake. Over 190 people such as all middle management cadres of the group company, advanced workers, representatives of science and technology and representatives of Party members gathered together, reviewing the work of the 2017, analyzing the shortcomings and planning the blueprint for the development of the 2018.

  At the meeting, Wang Junping, general manager of the group company, made the annual working report on foothold the goal, meet the difficulties and open the innovation and development. The representatives of the branches and factory directors reported a year's work to the general assembly. The typical representative of the year 2017 made a conference speech. The audit department made an annual audit report to the general assembly.

  General manager Wang Junping pointed out in 2017 working report, in the face of a series of changes, such as the intensification of the external market competition,the continuous adjustment of domestic industrial policies and the continuous rising of the price of bulk raw materials, the company is closely related to the principle of change as the main line of work that put forward at the beginning of the year, insisting on promoting the development strategy of the Internet. The new economy section kept strong growth. Adhere to the strategy of product innovation, product innovation and development system is paying off. Persist in the implementation of lean management, lean production system is gradually coming into being. Persist in promoting the expansion of the new business areas, realizing the overall innovation situation of industrial and financial capital.

  In reviewing the achievements made in 2017, general manager Wang Junping summarized, continuous release of business vitality in the new economic field led by the Internet, carried out sales promotion work in all directions. Product innovation is further accelerated. The operating system of lean reduction is being formed. Service guarantee is carried out in a solid way. Company’s internal culture construction is promoted orderly. Financial management is further deepening. He said that the success of these achievements could not be separated from the clear planning of the group, and even be inseparable from the dedication of the staff and workers.

  When talking about the new year's work plan, general manager Wang Junping put forward, in the face of the accelerated pace of market change, we should close the strategic goal of the development of the company, break the working inertia comfort zone, taking market demand as the center and focusing on quality and efficiency as the purpose, promote the diversification of industrial layout, create the characteristics of product research and development, promote the fine operation management, implement the normalization of the supervision mechanism, constantly push forward various work innovations with variable strain, make sure that this year's work is in a good step. Relying on the Internet economy, build a multiple layout of industrialization. Deepening the market analysis as the grasp of the hand, promote sales and strengthen product development and market laws. Promote the integration of online and offline. Accelerate the R & D layout of "one core and two wings" to highlight the competitive advantage of the market. Further ramming the basic work of production management with lean thought. Around the requirements of "reducing the cost, enhancing efficiency, grasping quality and ensuring safety", provide a strong guarantee for the development of sales. Adhere to the overall service as the center, build a clean, diligent, efficient and standardized administrative services team.

  As an important part of this meeting, at the end of the meeting, Group president Wang Liping made a shared speech on the company's future development strategy to the delegates. He affirmed the company's achievements in 2017, giving thanks to the majority of the staff and workers who have fought in the front line. Gave a judgment and analysis of the new development situation, and made a forward-looking plan for the future development of the group company.

  Wang Liping pointed out,the past 2017 was an extraordinary year in the history of the company. In the face of the environment beset with troubles internally and externally, the group company is closely related to the idea of "seeking for a change and seeking a new economy on the basis of industry". We should actively carry out the diversified development strategy at the same time. Great achievements have been made in new materials, the new economy of the Internet and other fields.

  He stressed that constantly denying oneself, constantly changing and innovating is the root cause of the expansion so far. For a long time, with customer demand and market trend as the guidance, closely along the technology market route, let the innovation force of self perfection and transcendence become the cornerstone of Guangbo sustainable development. In the future, Guangbo will insist on the innovation and development. At the same time, adhere to the development strategy of traditional industries and the new economy, industry and capital operation of multiple fly side by side, truly realizing the "100 year Guangbo" of building domestic benchmarks and sustainable development.

  He showed, If Guangbo wants to develop in the long run, it is not enough to rely solely on technological transformation, industrial upgrading and capital investment.What is more needed is the synchronization of management upgrades. Therefore, changing management ideas, embracing the Internet and adapting to the new normal is the key to forming a consensus and unifying the pace of the whole company. The majority of management cadres should not only dare to manage, but also be able to manage. In order to create the best team as the goal, to create the maximum benefit for the direction, practically push forward the improving the management system.

  He stressed that in the context of the new economy and the new norm, the majority of staff and workers should have a sense of urgency to meet the challenges. Grasp the work, carry out the deployment, make the attitude correct, and strengthen the consciousness. Meanwhile, set up a sense of innovation at all times to create performance for yourself, create benefits for the company and create value for life. A nine-storied tower rises from a heap of earth. Only by continuous accumulation can we stand out in the big wave of transformation and upgrading.

  Finally, he demands that all staff cadres should firmly establish a sense of innovation and reform. Innovate measures in the course of reform, develop concentrically and energetically, work together to build Guangbo Group into a "technology leading, advanced management, innovation driven and value creation" century enterprise.

  The meeting was hosted by comrade Dai Guoping,deputy general manager of the group company. A contract signing ceremony for key projects was carried out at the meeting. Award the department and excellent management cadres winning the annual scientific and technological progress award, to encourage the majority of cadres and workers striving to be the best and reach new heights in the new year's work.

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