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Example around series report----“workaholic” Liu Dafu

  • Time of issue:2020-05-09 16:32

(Summary description)At 5:30 in the morning, woke up by the alarm clock, Liu Dafu gets up on time. After the simple wash, he puts on overalls, riding an e-bike out.

Example around series report----“workaholic” Liu Dafu

(Summary description)At 5:30 in the morning, woke up by the alarm clock, Liu Dafu gets up on time. After the simple wash, he puts on overalls, riding an e-bike out.

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  • 2020-05-09 16:32
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  • Time of issue:2020-05-09 16:32
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  At 5:30 in the morning, woke up by the alarm clock, Liu Dafu gets up on time. After the simple wash, he puts on overalls, riding an e-bike out.

  It is the beginning of Liu Dafu's Day. Every day, he is the earliest one in No.4 branch. Being busy is the truest portrayal of himself. Working overtime has become routine for him. In spite of this, he never complained. Every day he conscientiously adheres to work hard at own position. At the just-ending second quarter “star of Guangbo” election, he was elected as a star employee by a high vote.

  Partner quit, he played two roles

  Liu Dafu's story has to begin in 2007. That year, Liu Dafu came to Guangbo, was assigned to No.4 branch folder supporting workshop. “At first, I worked with another person to do die cutting. He operated the machine and I was responsible for drawing materials.” However, four years ago, the partner left. A new employee can’t be found for a while. Who's going to take over the job? It became the headache for the factory director Wang Feiyun. At this moment, Liu Dafu volunteered to run into the director's office and asked for the task.

  “I thought, he has been working with the original die cut. Although he didn’t operate, more or less he knew a bit.” Although Wang Feiyun thought so, he was still preparing to hire people. What surprised her was Liu Dafu was quite skilled operating a die cutting machine.

  It turned out that while the partner was working before, Liu Dafu learned by observation. He knew all the buttons on the machine. Since then, Liu Dafu began to play two roles. A person did two people's work, both pulled material and operated die cutting machine. “Afraid of being busy, I came to work an hour earlier than usual every day and got off work one hour later.”

  High yield star, good at machine maintenance

  In addition to being able to do two people by himself, Liu Dafu has a knack. That is, to maintain machine. The die cutting machine under his hand hardly ever strikes under his maintenance.

  “In fact, there is no trick, that is, maintenance work done relatively diligent.” Liu Dafu said, in the beginning, his die cutting machine had some problems now and then. “At that time, I can only worry. I can not do it. I have to wait for maintenance personnel to deal with.” With the number of times gone up, Liu Dafu had an idea. Why not learn the skills of maintenance myself? Later, when the maintenance personnel came, he followed and studied. If he didn’t know, he would ask. After a long time, he gradually knew how to add oil, how to change the chain. The machine, under his hand, was never again badly hurt. Compared with other workers’ machines’ frequent repairing and changing parts, Liu Dafu's die-cutting machine, because a long time in "health" situation, has saved a lot of maintenance fee for the company.

  Now, Liu Dafu will do a medical examination to the machine every day. “Add some oil if it doesn't work well. Wipe it off with a rag if there is nothing wrong with it, to make it look clean.” Even work overtime late sometime, he didn't miss this job. Only the machine is well maintained can it run well and make production proceed smoothly.”

  Thanks to the normal operation of the machine for a long time, Liu Dafu has become the prolific star in the factory. The workload of two people can be done by himself. “I have used all the time that other people repaired the machines, and the efficiency is naturally high.”

  Chinese new year’s eve, work overtime alone till night

  As the factory's famous "workaholic", Liu Dafu almost doesn’t rest all the year round. His weekend is spent almost entirely in the factory. "One year, he's still here on Chinese new year’s eve.” Wang Feiyun remembered it very well. That was three years ago, she was on duty and saw the lights in the factory. “I thought it was some careless worker who forgot to turn off the lights, so I plan to go over and have a look.”

  Unexpectedly, when she got there, the scene stunned her. Liu Dafu was working overtime alone. “Others have already had a holiday a few days ago. Why are you still working overtime? Don't you go back to your hometown? Don't you have dinner with your family?” asked Wang Feiyun. “I want to get this shipment out quickly. Just eat a little at home and come over. I will go back home in two days.”

  That Spring Festival, Liu Dafu did not go back to his hometown in Sichuan until the second day of the lunar new year. Not much more than a few days, and the fifth day of the lunar new year he came back to work, keeping up with the shipment. “Now I've been rated as a star employee, and I have to work harder. Otherwise, I'm sorry for "star" these two words.” Liu Dafu said with a smile.

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