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Innovation + cross-border Guangbo stationery into fashion industry

  • Time of issue:2020-05-09 16:50

(Summary description)  The show begins, tall models with gorgeous dress and fashion bags coming…This is not a clothing company's show, but the fashion stationery brand" "Kinbor" conference launched by Guangbo. Colorful fa

Innovation + cross-border Guangbo stationery into fashion industry

(Summary description)  The show begins, tall models with gorgeous dress and fashion bags coming…This is not a clothing company's show, but the fashion stationery brand" "Kinbor" conference launched by Guangbo. Colorful fa

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  • 2020-05-09 16:50
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  • Time of issue:2020-05-09 16:50
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  The show begins, tall models with gorgeous dress and fashion bags coming…This is not a clothing company's show, but the fashion stationery brand" "Kinbor" conference launched by Guangbo. Colorful fashion bags in the model's hands actually are cross - border notebooks with bag functionality. On April 28, more than 500 dealers from all over the country have witnessed the launch of "Kinbor" fashion stationery.



  The fashion industry is one of the seven trillion industries that Zhejiang has been working hard to build. It is also the new approach of Guangbo stationery in recent years.



  Stationery objects are not as fast as the replacement of clothing and there is no obvious seasonal distinction. But at the age of paying attention to personalized fashion, products with no features will soon be neglected. At present, top stationery brands have quietly moved to fashion industry. Guangbo stationery, as China's first paper stationery listed enterprise and Beijing Olympic Games paper stationery dealer, is naturally unwilling to lag behind.



  “Nowadays, many young people pursue things that show their personality and temperament. At the same time, the price can be accepted. Stationery is also the same, more and more fast fashion style emerges in endlessly, especially after 90’s and 00’s these young people, who have a very obvious unique attitudes and requirements for the quality of life.” Guangbo industrial company executive vice president Lin Xiaofan said, “Different from the traditional office stationery, stationery classification methods, t he concept of fashion stationery we are going to take is younger, personalized and customized.”

  Therefore, "Kinbor" series of products use fashion fabrics into the notebook and hand book, with a zipper attached to the bag attributes. And tape with cartoon images, pen bag can doodle freely…Let each product not only meet the functional needs,but make the audience feel the design of quality of life has become the core factor of product design and development.



  What’s more, Guangbo has developed a series of Chinese style creative stationery products with Ningbo Museum.

  “Innovation and cross-border can make the world more magical. Ordinary things are different because of their innovative functions and forms.” Said Guangbo Stock general manager Wang Junping, launching the "Kinbor" brand is also Guangbo’s own supply-side reform. And the market reacted very well.



  In fact, the creation of Kinbor brand is an innovation of management system for Guangbo. Since its founding in 2014, Guangbo has established the design, the research and development as a whole sharing mechanism in the interior. Not only share global resources, but make own management decisions and take full responsibility for own profits and losses. In the external it uses direct, joint venture, franchise and other ways to build a partnership sales team. Through the establishment of benchmarking direct stores, the introduction of joint department stores, driving dealers to join these forms to achieve explosive growth, so as to achieve Kinbor fashion category annual sales remain at more than 3 times growth.

  “From concentrating stationery industry to entering the field of Internet marketing, from the traditional trade form extended to the B2B\B2C cross-border electronic business platform, from its own foreign trade development to actively promote small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises to grow together, layout cross-border clearing.” Guangbo Group general manager Wang Junping said, “Guangbo is always on the road of transformation and development. What we should do at this stage is to build a new Internet economy on the basis of the existing manufacturing industry.”

  Therefore,Guangbo create design alliance. Clear the development direction of deep integration of creative design and stationery manufacturing industry. Focus on developing fashion stationery based on literature and creativity. Implement design industrialization and establish honeycomb style design alliance, to realize the transformation from creativity into business. Set up design centers in the United States, Japan and other places. Enlist illustrators and industrial designers from Japan, the U.S. and other countries to involve in the design work. Strengthen cooperation with domestic and international animation enterprises. Strengthen the integration of production, supply and marketing. Do a good job of animation derivative products terminal services. Increase the economic value of cultural and creative products, double the value of a single product.

  Meanwhile, Guangbo innovate sales channels. It has layouted three major electronic business platforms, becoming Jingdong office stationery sales TOP3. Take the lead in establishing an electricity supplier escrow mode in Tmall. Electricity distribution "millions of projects" began to take shape. Vertically established stationery industry vertical electronic business platform--- Collection net has formally launched. With channels this high speed road, through the promotion of brand distribution manufacturing model, relying on the industrial agglomeration effect of Stationery capital in Ningbo, Guangbo also conducted outsourcing production. Operate capital markets, timely participation and integration of upstream and downstream enterprises. At present, it has formed the industrial chain of more than 300 production supporting enterprises.

  "Internet plus" era, as the key enterprises of national cultural exports and national printing demonstration enterprise, Guangbo believe that through the deep integration of traditional manufacturing industry and the Internet's new economy, thus leading the new model of industry development, and finally reshape stationery manufacturing new formats.


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