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Fighting “double eleven” Guangbo electric businessman’s sleepless night

  • Time of issue:2020-05-09 17:07

(Summary description)With the coming of the eighth “double eleven”, buyers are hands-chopping. Sellers make the greatest effort to sell.

Fighting “double eleven” Guangbo electric businessman’s sleepless night

(Summary description)With the coming of the eighth “double eleven”, buyers are hands-chopping. Sellers make the greatest effort to sell.

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  • 2020-05-09 17:07
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  • Time of issue:2020-05-09 17:07
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  With the coming of the eighth “double eleven”, buyers are hands-chopping. Sellers make the greatest effort to sell.

  On the night of November 10, with headquarters located in Ningbo, Guangbo electricity department annual double eleven shopping carnival formally began. “Fight double eleven, dare to go all out,be fearless,reach new heights”. “Fight for six months, only for double eleven”. These banners look very clear in the illuminated electricity integrated operation department. President Wang Liping, general manager Wang Junping and company’s main leaders came to the double eleven activity scene, cheering for everyone.

  As the electrical business rookie of stationery industry, to welcome this year’s double eleven, as early as half years ago, Guangbo electricity department has started to operate double eleven electricity sales promotion. Save enough supply of goods for double eleven like office stationery, students stationery and KINBOR brand. It also made a big adjustment in the overall layout. In previous years, it concentrated Tmall promotion, but this year it has spread to multiple platforms, including Jing dong and Tao bao. It has prepared more new products for online release. The new product design developed by online consumers alone accounts for 30%. Department and supermarket new products also sell online, accounting for over 20%.

  Every year, double eleven is the manpower shortage for electricity industry. Guangbo electricity department actively launched the university-enterprise cooperation. Cooperate with vocational college recruiting over 50 college students to participate in each field of double eleven. Since October, they had the pre-job training, those who perform well can stay to work in the enterprise.

  Meanwhile, to cope with the rising shipment brought by double eleven, Guangbo electricity department adopted the WMS intelligent shelves and position management system. Intelligent sorting, position management, finding the source nearby these new technology of warehouse logistics, let Guangbo delivery system from the original manual sorting to basic automated sorting now. Help double eleven goods can be delivered timely and effectively. On the premise of no additions, orders of Guangbo stationery can be expected to deliver out in three days.

  In fact, double eleven is only the epitome of Guangbo vigorously developing electric business channel. In recent years, Guangbo has been actively create electricity service mode with Group purchasing, personalized service and precision marketing as the core. Using big data application, analyze customer buying behavior and buying preferences of the past. Provide accurate product marketing and targeted services varying from person to person. At all stages of product life cycle, strengthen processing consumer’s personalized needs, attract the attention of consumers to the new products, help own product design and produce products that meet the market demand. At present, Guangbo e-business has been initially formed on the basis of the Tmall flagship store developing network distributor, help distribute electricity customers operate taobao stores, promote the deep fusion of O2O online and offline sales. In recent three years,electricity plate sales has grown rapidly.

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