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GUANGBO: Ingenuity Wisdom in Transition

  • Time of issue:2020-05-09 17:10

(Summary description)With more than three decades’ reform and opening-up, the oriental grand portofNINGBO, relying on her unique geographic location, infiltrated a group of highly-dynamic private enterprises and developed

GUANGBO: Ingenuity Wisdom in Transition

(Summary description)With more than three decades’ reform and opening-up, the oriental grand portofNINGBO, relying on her unique geographic location, infiltrated a group of highly-dynamic private enterprises and developed

  • Categories:Dynamic News
  • 2020-05-09 17:10
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  • Time of issue:2020-05-09 17:10
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  With more than three decades’ reform and opening-up, the oriental grand portofNINGBO, relying on her unique geographic location, infiltrated a group of highly-dynamic private enterprises and developed a bunch of private entrepreneurs with courage to explore, forging ahead, with the spirit of competition and contribution. Having gone through a wave of commercial tide, only a few winners can stand in the forefront and are still instinct.

  GUANGBO’s founders, with their innovation and vision, took two decades more time to bring this Stationery Kingdom onto Internet industry and use their craftsmanship with a sincere spirit of ingenuity to promote industrial upgrading time and again, In the remainder of intensive cultivation, they actively embrace Internet + to achieve a diversified industrial development. In the crossroad of enterprise development and the turning point of fate, GUANGBO can always use her own ingenuity wisdom to win step by step.

  Starting from traditional stationery manufacture, GUANGBO has become a cultural communicator and professional manufacturer across four sectors, more than 3,000 product varieties; GUANGBO, in the process of changing pattern and creating future, is also an expression of GUANGBO culture continually penetrating global market and realizing global strategy.

  Industrialized Innovation of Core Manufacturing Technology

  GUANGBO’s independent innovation from research and development of technology through product to standard keeps improving the quality connotation of GUANGBO manufacture.GUANGBO is walking on a way of transformation with innovation as her support and dependent upon technical standard, a magic weapon, to this end, GUANGBO has become a member of national stationery industrial standard setting team and a member of the National Stationery Standardization Technical Committee; since 2005, GUANGBO has presided over revision of 31 national or industry standards such as “business card book and photo album” and “account book or note book”.

  In order to meet the need of global competition, GUANGBO has built an all-in-one R&D system, established a provincial enterprise institute, a provincial enterprise technology center and a provincial stationery design center; set up design centers in the United States and Japan, hired designers and technical personnel from the United States and Japan and other countries to continually strengthen scientific and technological innovation. Focusing on technology accumulation and introduction of technical personnel, GUANGBO has formed unique know-how in equipment, material, process standardization management, test and service, possessed nearly 200 patents, 180 technicians; supported by the gigantic technical team, 30 more new collections of product can be developed every day.

  For the purpose of innovation in key technologies, GUANGBO, through cooperation and communication or brand output, strengthens communication and cooperation with well-known stationery brands from all countries and regions, strengthens her own design capability, manufacturing capacity and market expansion capability, broadens technological transformation and industrial upgrading, gradually developing toward international high-end stationery brand market with independent brand and independent innovation. Through innovation, GUANGBO has enhanced her product quality and connotation and achieved transformation from manufacturing enterprise to “smart” enterprise.

  Good Recipe of Integrated Innovation and Sustainable Development

  Now, China’s economic situation is in the economic new normal state of shifting, speed reduction, quality and efficiency improvement, and the new economy’s bucking up has brought unprecedented unknown challenge to the development of traditional economy. Stationery industry, as an important part ofChina’s traditional economy, could not be spared. Crisis has accelerated the company’s survival of the fittest but also accelerated the pace of industrial reshuffle. GUANGBO, through culturing her Internet-oriented thinking, has grasped the customer’s need’ in the age of Internet and strived to shift from manufacturing to innovating and enhanced traditional manufacturing with Internet technology so that this new round of development opportunities have been seized.

  In actively seeking integration and innovation between traditional industries and emerging industries, GUANGBO has found a new way through integration of emerging industrial resources on market to upgrading of business development; acquired Tibet SHANNAN YUNMEDIA Co., Ltd. in 2014 and seized Internet traffic entrance. In 2015, GUANGBO gave full play to her advantage in 20+ years’ accumulated resources in the field of international trade, built an e-Commerce platform for cross-border import business, and based on the current B2B business model, focused on forging M2B2C, a one-stop trading platform - Global Tao, for overseas merchandises’ direct access to Chinese market and marking into the realm of cross-border e-Commerce. In 2016, GUANGBO participated in GEOSWIFT by shares and set foot in cross-border clearing service, 3 years’ placement in Internet achieved GUANGBO diversified industrial pattern of synergetic development.

  For the present, through overseas exhibition and visit to market time and again, Global Tao has established a direct cooperative relationship with well-known brand owners from Europe,Japanand theUnited States. In addition to operation of domestic sale of overseas brands, GUANGBO has established a strategic cooperative relationship with overseas second-tier brand suppliers, to provide full product solutions for foreign brands’ access to the market of China, co-promote the sale of brand products which are immature on domestic market and create differentiated supply chain advantage; Furthermore, to meet the need of market development, GUANGBO can provide the service of one-piece wholesale specific to B2B purchasers and formed more comprehensive supply chain service capability.

  In the “Internet +” era, GUANGBO will continue to work on in-depth integration between traditional manufacturing industry and new Internet economy, and actively explore the new path for development of stationery industries, lead the new mode of industrial development and reshape the new format of manufacturing. GUANGBO people believe taking advantage of opportunities and no construction without destruction and GUANGBO will usher in a broader world.

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