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Guangbo Group held lean implementation summing-up meeting



  To summarize the previous phase of the lean management results, show excellent cases and results, and deploy the next stage work, on September 19, Guangbo Group held lean management implementation work phase summing-up meeting. Group leaders, each production module middle management cadres and team leaders, department heads of technology department, storage and logistics department, altogether about 120 people attended this meeting.

  Stock company and industrial company each production unit, as well as technology, logistics, warehousing, power equipment, quality and marketing these 12 departments’ representatives showed cases and instructed the achievements obtained in the implementation of the lean management work. The company top leaders reviewed the achievements of the lean management in stock company and industrial company. They thought all production module and each department’s lean cases can closely around the core goal of economizing expense and reducing expend, improving quality and effectiveness “. With solving practical problems as the guidance, they illustrated to show the process of lean improvement, which has good representativeness and adequate promotion value. Hope all departments and units in the future should learn from each other, making progress together.

  Meanwhile, it awarded the excellent team and individual who gained good results since the lean management work at the meeting. "Excellent team award” and "good team award” one each, 5 “excellent individual award”, 25 “individual lean proposal and good project award” and 63 “individual improvement project and proposal award”.

  Finally, manager Wang delivered concluding remarks of this meeting. In his speech, he pointed out that since August, under the leadership of the lean management project leading group, the company’s lean management work was triggered on the whole. Firmly push forward, with distinct characteristics, find the commanding heights, foothold, starting point and ascend of the lean management, which has received good results. However, lean management still has some negative phenomenon like weak foundation, short persistence, marketing not in place. All departments and units fixation management have rebound phenomenon. The carrying out of each link of the whole value chain systematic management is not balanced. In view of the existing problems, manager Wang put forward three requirements:

  Firstly, increase awareness. Recognize that lean management need the lead by department heads of each unit. Carefully plan on working arrangements, employees should strive for excellence at work. Should push the lean management from the simple "bottom up" model to the advance of "top-down" management combined with the participation of "bottom-up" model, really implement the lean management work.

  Secondly, create value. Lean management should take the market as the guidance. Carry out the work with reducing cost and improving the production efficiency as the center. Should eliminate the waste of any link, treat the lean management as the important way to enhance the company’s core competitiveness and the powerful tool to realize the development of the company product differentiation.

  Thirdly, achieve normalized. Full participation, continuous improvement is the life of the lean management goals. Therefore, must strengthen the propaganda and guidance, respect the staff's initiative, arouse the wisdom of employees, and arouse the enthusiasm of employee involvement. Meanwhile, clear support for team building. From the details, reinforce the internal work, improve enterprise basic management level. Management cadres should take the lead, service in place, sustained to carry out the lean management.