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President Wang Liping made new year work mobilization speech

  • Time of issue:2020-05-14 11:05

(Summary description)On Feburary 17, the first working day after the Spring Festival, Guangbo held new year work mobilization meeting, and president Wang Liping made an important speech.

President Wang Liping made new year work mobilization speech

(Summary description)On Feburary 17, the first working day after the Spring Festival, Guangbo held new year work mobilization meeting, and president Wang Liping made an important speech.

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  • 2020-05-14 11:05
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  • Time of issue:2020-05-14 11:05
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  On Feburary 17, the first working day after the Spring Festival, Guangbo held new year work mobilization meeting, and president Wang Liping made an important speech. He pointed out, as an old Chinese saying goes, “spring is the key of the year.” Spring is the new beginning, where hope lies. In the new year, everyone should mainly start with the three aspects of innovation, management and reform, comprehensively build the modern enterprise management system, and realize the dream of “century brand, one hundred Guangbo.”

  Seize the opportunity, continue to innovate

  After 20-year development, in the growth of years, Guangbo has gained much valuable experience. Once created the first listed company of China stationery industry, gained China stationery enterprise’s firs famous trademark, (in 1997) the first company set up overseas marketing team in Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Dubai, open own-brand stores overseas, and was the first sports naming company. Through 20 years’ development, the company has grown up to be an integrated company with independent intellectual property rights and brand, from the initial manufacturing enterprise. At present, it also has made a breakthrough in the field of new materials. These achievements are mainly due to the hard work of all the management cadres here.

  Observing the economic situation at home and abroad, currently, the traditional manufacturing industry faces severe challenges. In such circumstances, how to speed up the company’s new-round development, the key is innovation. Innovation is the organic unity of work hard and work smarter. Only through innovation, the company can develop sustainably. This is a dialectical relationship.

  At the beginning of the venture, the company didn’t have such resources and platform, so everyone should cherish today's resources. In creating glorious achievements, at the same time the company has cultivated a large number of elite management cadres. In the face of the development in next three years, five years, ten years and twenty years, how to develop, is a major theme needs us to consider seriously. The development of an enterprise is a continuous improvement process. Only by constantly perfect, can make progress. Everyone should have the sense of seizing every minute, bear mission, drastically pull down all the obstacles in the development of the enterprise, fulfill the objectives that set at the beginning of the year with good quality and quantity.

  Speed up the integration of traditional manufacturing industry and make the current industry bigger and stronger. This year must have the new breakthrough. This year, domestic and export markets should be judged by data. Must speed up the development of domestic and foreign trade markets, and marketers must put the data on the very prominent position. Domestic market should develop with excessive speed and introduce more professionals. Domestic market share is very important to the company's overall development. New material industry should speed up acquisition and reorganization, introducing the concept of capital. According to the new situation, make comprehensive deployment on the real estate market’s marketing work.

  Strengthen management, reach new heights

  Scientific management is the key of deciding the enterprise whether success or failure, slow or fast, big or small. Whether the management system scientific or not is directly relative to the comprehensive benefit of enterprise. No matter in the factory, workshop or team, should fully implement the scientific management system.

  Good management system is polymerization elite talent. We should learn the successful experience from outstanding enterprises at home and abroad like Samsung, Gree, Huawei and Alibaba, to improve our management. Middle management cadre is the backbone of the enterprise. Should dare to say and dare to do. Not only should implement the company's strategic decision, but finish each task index without any problems.

  Middle management cadres should do like this. Three less: less report, less shuffle and less rework. Three more: study more, more thinking and more interaction.

  Study more, in today’s circumstances like the constantly change of external environments and improve the network information, management cadres should keep learning. Old ways and extensive management can’t solve the popping up new problems. More thinking, thinking is the essential point to increase the enterprise’s marginal benefit. The same machine, the same time and the same products, only managers with good thinking can create more marginal benefit. More interaction, should have more interaction between the superior and the subordinate, between departments and between posts. Good interaction is the shortcut to enhance the management. Enterprise is a group and cadre is a monomer. Participation more or less, interaction more or less, directly relates with the overall efficiency of the enterprise.

  Deepen the reform, write brilliant

  This year should promote more scientific and effective evaluation system. Each season will report each unit’s performance. (1) Select the new middle management cadres with the principle of openness, fairness and impartiality. (2) Part of the production department should reduce logistics management personnel. By scientific and effective means like test, shunt part of the administrative support staff. (3) Make comments at the meeting but with poor execution or a serious fault after the meeting, which should adjust. (4) Newly appointed management cadres should get into the role as soon as possible. Those who failed also need to be adjusted. (5) Management cadres who are over 55 years old won’t be appointed this year. Give chance to younger comrades. (6) Should reduce the number of meetings, have short meeting or no meeting. The meeting can't take account of the normal working hours. In the new year, should strongly advocate ascension of the individual ability and further reveal individual performance.

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