It has  technology center, and nano

metal powder R&D engineering center

R & D Center

The company has an R&D team with doctors and masters as the core and advanced R&D, testing and production equipment of the industry

It has insisted on the development ideas of professionalization, scale and internationalization, and has passed the dual certifications of ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system.

Develop orderly, share the results, and create value for customerss the tireless pursuit of the company staff, and we earnestly hope to sincerely cooperate with customers at home and abroad.

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Jiangsu metal ultrafine powder preparation engineering technology research center was established in 2011. It has been awarded as municipal engineering technology research center, municipal demonstration engineering technology research center and provincial technology center.

R & D center is an excellent team with experts at home and abroad as the core and composed of senior talents such as doctors and masters. At present, the center has more than 60 professional R & D personnel, basically forming a scientific and technological team and an innovative R & D team that can adapt to the rapid development of the enterprise from the educational level, professional distribution and age structure.

At present, the company is continuously strengthening the investment and construction of R & D centers, and building more than 5000 square meters of new R & D buildings. The R & D center has research institutes and product testing centers, which has advanced production equipment and testing instruments, and has established long-term cooperative relationship with relevant research institutes, ensuring the innovation and advancement of product technology, especially in the research and development of metal superfine powder. The region is at the international leading level.

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